February Roundup

I loved writing my roundup post in January so I decided to have another go at it this month too! February has been a funny month. I have felt the best I have in a long time, but also live in a state of feeling under pressure and overwhelmed so my anxiety is constantly buzzing away. I’m sure if I keep working at it, I will find some sort of balance.


This post contains affiliate links. If you want to know more about my policy, or why I use affiliate links, you can read more in the linked articles. Thank you to each and every one of you who used one of my links before you made a purchase this month. It means the world to me and let’s me know that my dreams are possible.


This month, the bookish mama’s book club book was The Secret of Nightingale Wood by Lucy Strange. I haven’t finished it yet but I am enjoying it. It is  intended for a younger audience but has some sad and thought provoking themes that have kept me reading. Whilst I feel a little annoyed that I am still not managing to keep up with the book club, I am glad that this time I am keeping going. Although when the young girl is wishing her Mummy to get better I do have to stop in my tracks and take a few deep breaths!

How to Stop Time cover art

To help with next month’s book, I have just downloaded a free trial of audible. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while as I love listening to stories in the car and it seemed like a good compromise for being part of a book club and being able to keep up! I’ve downloaded Matt Haig’s How to Stop Time for next months book. However, I see myself downloading more as the choice is so vast so if you have any recommendations let me know! I’ll report back next month to let you know if I’m going to keep paying for the service! Either way, I’m looking forward to trying it for free and have set a reminder on my phone to cancel or renew the day before the month is up. If you want to try it for free, you can use my affiliate link to the audible free trial. Please let me know if you find any great books to listen to!



I’ve started running (let’s face it, it’s more of a bumble and a stumble than a run at this point!) again! If you want to know why you can read #1StepCloser or ICP and Me to find out more about who I am fundraising for. After a 3 year beak from running, I have finally started to run again and I am just about starting to enjoy it, 2 weeks in.

I’m on the look out for a good but inexpensive iPhone holder so I don’t need to hold my phone in my hand anymore. I would also like a smart watch so I can monitor my fitness in general so if you have any recommendations let me know.

My top running product has been the C25K app. There are various versions of the app – I just go t a free one. The app is amazing – it has taken me from struggling to run for a minute to happily running up to 10 minutes before needing a short walk. I thoroughly recommend this app – it will get even the total non runner moving.

Also, I cannot thank you enough if you have donated on my JustGiving Page or text MDLD99 £1 to 70070. Every donation that comes through is such a huge boost! Thank you so very very much.


I listen to podcasts when I clean the house and love listening to true crime or parenting podcasts. One stood out this month because it made me rethink the decoration plans for our bedroom. Not Another Mummy Podcast hosted by Alison Perry has great guests each week. I love it because I get to hear more about people I follow on Instagram (is this a little stalkerish?!). It’s always comforting to know that we all have much more in common and it reassures me that speaking openly about my experiences is a good thing. The episode that stood out was with Emily Murray founder of The Pink House – and it inspired me to really think about how to design our bedroom. I cannot wait to show you the plans I have (and cannot believe that my husband said OK to one piece of furniture turning flamingo pink!).


Toddler Hair and Skin care

Boo’s hair and skin is really dry in this wintery weather. At first I changed all her products to Child’s Farm products and it has helped. They are all organic and not full of nasty ingredients. Plus, they smell amazing. Definitely worth the extra money knowing I am protecting her skin. But she needed something more. So then I tried Kokoso Baby coconut oil on her hair and suddenly it is no longer matted. I just have to be careful to really wash it out otherwise she looks like a greasy teenager. Secondly, I bought Aveeno moisturiser to help treat her read raw skin that has totally dried out over the winter. All of these products are more pricey than we would usually spend, but they are really helping. Seeing your baby scratch their skin and cry because they constantly get dreadlocks isn’t fun. For her, I’m happy to spend the money.



Make Up

If there’s one make up item I can’t live without, it’s mascara. I look a bit like a mole if I don’t put it on and everyone asks if I’m tired. For going out I love Benefit BadGal Bang because VOLUME! For day wear, I have been a Maybelline girl. Not sure why – Maybelline I was swayed by their extensive advertising campaigns and then I just stuck to what I knew. But it always seems heavy and my eye lashes become brittle. Anytime I rub my eyes (which when you cry like me, it’s a lot) a couple of eye lashes get ripped out. So this month I tried a new mascara from my make up calendar and it is a revelation! It is lightweight, whilst still giving some length. My lashes don’t clump and it cleans off easily. Don’t know why it took me so long but I am loving MaxFactor Masterpiece – High Definition Mascara. 




Did you see my review of 4 journals? I have definitely loved getting journaling to work for me this month. I am so excited for my next Best Self Journal to arrive so I can get started on my next goals. I though my next goals would be money/job/career focussed but I am actually thinking I still want to put more work into being happy and learning to manage anxiety and depression in every day life better. Looking forward to getting going!


This month, without a doubt, has been a huge turning point for me. My anxiety is telling me to focus on how hard I am still finding things, but instead, I want to start celebrating how far I’ve come. I have laughed more, been out more, talked, run, drank, chatted, played … it has been a good month. Thank Goodness.





  1. It’s been years since I’ve done any running. Now I walk and do weights. But I’ve never listened to anything or, unlike my husband, used any kind of monitor whilst walking or running. I like to be alert to traffic and such and also just tune in to the sounds of nature – birds chirping and all that – and just enjoy some quiet, some unplugged time. Very calming. Looking forward to seeing your plans for your redesigned room! Happy running!


  2. This is such a wonderful round up! Let me know how you get on with audible, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting it. I’m also on the lookout for new podcasts to listen to so I’ll check this out.
    Thank you for joining #ThursdayTeam


    • I wasn’t a fan at first but now I’m listening to my book at 1.25x speed and the guys voice sounds much more natural. I’m actually loving it now and wondering how to break it to the husband that I have a new subscription!


  3. Ah I do love a good book but agree I’m not sure I’d be able to keep up either. As for your journals I certainly could be tempted into getting one or more they sound fantastic. #BlogCrush


  4. I love this. What is the bookish mama book club and how do I join? I love reading and would love to be apart of that. I am definitely going to click your link and get a free audible trial as I too would love to listen to stories while I am driving. I love a good journal too and the Alison Perry Podcast is my favourite xx #blogcrush


    • I am really loving audible – I wasn’t sure at first but I put the speed at 1.25 and it made it sound better so if you aren’t sure at first, play around a little. The bookish mama’s is a Facebook group – I’ll link tomorrow. It’s run by Mrs H’s Favourite Things if you follow her xx


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