Guest Post Series – Parenting When You Can Barely Adult – Winging It With Harper

Parenting Through Adversity

Welcome to my guest series. Posts for Parenting When You Can Barely Adult. I have asked some fellow bloggers to share their stories and activities to help create a bank of ideas for those days when you can barely adult, let alone parent. Knowing that we aren’t alone in our struggles is such a comfort. Today’s post comes from the lovely Kerry at Winging It With Harper who I actually met in real life this week! Kerry is one of those lovely people who just wants to help others – always sharing ideas, encouragement and support. I first discovered her on instagram and seeing her journey was a massive support to me when I was so low. Hope you enjoy her post … I love this idea!

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about who you are?

My name is Kerry, I’m a 20 something mum to an awesome little girl. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at the age of 12 and diagnosed with a personality disorder at 18. I live in Bournemouth with my boyfriend, our little girl and our two furry babies.

If you feel comfortable, can you tell us about why you have found parenting hard?

I’ve always been a bit chaotic through life and the I found it incredibly hard learning that it’s no longer about me, my wants or needs. My brain has this very hideous tendency to act up and make me think they most hideous things. Read about some of my darkest days here PND and me.

What tips do you have to cope with parenting in adversity? Or parenting on the days you can barely adult?

I don’t have many tips I don’t think but I think most importantly, we all need to remember we are doing our best and there is always going to be someone in life that will try and dull our sparkle. On the days when I can hardly parent I’ve learnt that it is ok to ask for help and to never be afraid of doing that. I’ve learnt it’s not the end of the world to stick paw patrol on and let Ryder do the work on the bad days. Bad days happen but it just means you’re one step closer to the rainbow.


Do you have an activity you want to share?

One of my favourite activities on the days when parenting is hard and I can’t bear to hear “No job is too big no pup is too small” anymore is that I like to set up sensory baths for Harper, whether that is some ball pit balls, spaghetti, water toys or anything that I can think of that will keep her occupied for a good ten minutes, I also find it’s a really good time to catch up on emails and admin just sit by the side of the bath let her play. Keeping one eye on the phone or laptop and the other on her. We’re multitaskers for a reason! She loves sensory baths as well as she can explore new textures and I know she’s safe.


Where can people connect with you online?


Twitter: kerrywiwh 

Facebook: Winging It With Harper

Instagram: Wingingitwithharper




Isn’t that such a lovely idea! Boo is such a water baby and loves baths. It’s never ccured to me to turn it into a sensory bath but I bet she would love it and we could both have some lovely calm chill out time. Thank you Kerry for taking part! Now remember to head over to my Insta for this week’s giveaway!




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