Guest Post Series – Parenting Through Adversity – Craft With Cartwright

Parenting Through Adversity

Welcome to my new guest series – Parenting When You Can Barely Adult. I have asked some fellow bloggers to share their stories and activities to help create a bank of ideas for those days when you can barely adult, let alone parent. Since starting my blog, I have been overwhelmed by the supportive community to that has sprung up around me. Knowing that I am not alone in my struggles has been incredibly powerful. I have been inundated with emails/DMs/messages etc from women who get it. Parenting is hard. And sometimes, when you are struggling, parenting feels impossible. So for all of you having one of those days/weeks/months/lifetimes, I hope you will feel supported through common experience and helped with some simple ideas to get you through the day. This week I am talking to Ruth from Craft With Cartwright.

Hello! Can you tell us a little about you?

Hi I’m Ruth Cartwright. I’m 37 and live in the West Midlands with my hubby and two wonderful sons. My eldest is nine and my youngest is four. I work part time as a high school food technology teacher and when I’m at home I write my lifestyle blog Craft with Cartwright. I am fuelled by my love of tea and gluten free cake.


In what ways have you found parenting hard?

I found parenting the hardest when I had my youngest son. Don’t get me wrong there are still struggles now but nothing compared to those early days. My eldest was four and a half when I had my second son. I had been off work for the majority of my pregnancy with pelvic girdle dysfunction, so had spent nearly six months, hardly walking and unable to do a lot of things. Then I had an emergency c-section, so my mobility was hit again. Being at home in the haze of exhaustion with a four year old to entertain was extremely hard. Hubby was off for the first two weeks and my mum would pop in once a day when he went back to work but there were times when the days just felt endless.

Sleep deprivation is the worst.


What tips do you have to cope with parenting in adversity?

My tips would be:

Don’t be hard on yourself, if the washing doesn’t get done one day it will the next.

As long as the kids are happy, healthy and cared for the rest of the stuff is less of a priority.

Get out of the house, even if it’s just a walk around the block, fresh air helps everyone.

If someone offers to help, in anyway. Take the offer.


Do you have an activity you want to share?

On days, when I could barely think from tiredness to entertain two boys, my favourite activity is a sofa fort. They love it, it costs nothing. Plus it’s comfortable and I can lie down. Have a picnic in it or watch a movie. Don’t worry about the housework.


Where can people connect with you online?


Thank you, Ruth! Head over to her fab blog if you are looking for some more craft ideas! If you too are suffering from tiredness (I know I am!), head over to my instagram to enter this weeks giveaway for a brilliant pin by Milk and Moon




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