Guest Post Series – Parenting When You Can Barely Adult

Parenting Through Adversity

Welcome to my new guest series – Parenting Through Adversity. A series of posts to help you through those days when you can barely adult, let alone parent. I have asked some fellow bloggers to share their stories and activities to help create a bank of ideas – hopefully something you can draw on during those long days. Since starting my blog, I have been overwhelmed by the supportive community to that has sprung up around me. Knowing that I am not alone in my struggles has been incredibly powerful. I have been inundated with emails/DMs/messages etc from women who get it. Parenting is hard. And sometimes, when you are struggling, parenting feels impossible. So for all of you having one of those days/weeks/months/lifetimes, I hope you will feel supported through common experience and helped by some simple ideas to get you through the day.


So without further a-do, here is the start of my series, Parenting Through Adversity. A bank of shared experience and tips to get you through. Whether you are having a bad day, suffering with your physical or mental health or are just plain exhausted, I hope that you can find an idea to help you get through the day.


My favourites:

  • A trip to the garden centre – we look at the plants then the statues. I can name them all and get Boo to say their names. Then of course, there is cake.
  • A trip to Toys’r’Us or any big toy store. Seriously. During the day the store is dead and we just dander about looking at stuff. Boo never fusses about putting stuff back because we have been going a while so she knows the score. Occasionally I buy something more more often than not, all we leave with is a bottle of juice. She is always so excited and in total awe everytime we go.
  • Messy Play (you can see my posts on our adventures here). Madness, I know, But it is something my daughter will sit and play for hours while we sit quietly together. The quiet companionship is invaluable on those days when my mind is noisy with thoughts.


Megan from Papaya & Me is all about taking it slowly:

The only thing I have found that works for me is to take baby steps. I get up, put the baby in her carrier and go for a walk with the dog. When I get back home and find that I haven’t gotten out of my anxiety spiral I give myself a break. I let myself get back in to bed and I praise myself for having accomplished one thing that day. More often than not I feel better after having gone outside. Then I can take the next baby step.

Claire has one of my favourites when I was really struggling:

Go to a drive-thru or coffee shop and sit in the car park. Set a timer so it doesn’t seem like a scary interminable amount of time. So, 15 -30 mins is fine. Sit with your take out coffee and your book or magazine.

Romina from Mini Mummi Blogger does something that we often do now Boo is older and can concentrate for longer:

Watching Aladdin, going for a walk, going for a drive or going window shopping are favourites in my house when my little man (10 months!) won’t settle.

Odalys from E. L. Lane Writer has more of my go to activities that help me inch through the day:

On days when I can barely function, I have my three-year-old daughter help me sort the laundry and load the clothes into the washing machine and dryer. On days when I’m able to get dressed, I take her grocery shopping or to run other simple errands.


Chloe from Life Unexpected has some fab ideas:

I have a 3 year old and on days when I feel like I can’t function as an adult or a parent, we either go to the library and choose books or I buy one of those pre-schooler magazines (usually PAW Patrol) because they have lots of games, stickers and activities in them. If I don’t have the car though, first thing in the morning I’ll set up play zones based on her toys. So, for example, she’ll have an art area, a shop area, a kitchen/play cafe area, a building area, a doctors area full of teddies in a make-believe waiting room etc) Then throughout the day she just makes her way around the different toy zones and I don’t have to think of things to do. The last idea worked wonders when I had the flu and needed bed rest so it’s something we always implement now.

Su from  Ethan and Evelyn has a lovely idea if you have a duck pond nearby:

We try go to feed the ducks in all kind of weather. It’s always a good laugh. Once the canal was frozen and we get to throw ice into icy water where there are no ducks of course.


Next week, the fabulous Candid Katy will be our guest poster telling us a little of her story and how she copes on her tough days. Check back next Wednesday for her post. Oh, and I’ll also be hosting a giveaway on my instagram so make sure you are following so you don’t miss out!


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