Vegetable printing

For a long time we have been painting with hands and feet. We’ve hand fun making cards with handprints, footprints and fingerprints. However, Boo is now at an age that she likes to assert her control and she isn’t enjoying this kind of painting at the moment. We have tried paintbrushes and she does enjoy them – but also gets frustrated because at 2 1/2 she doesn’t have the dexterity to fully control a paintbrush yet. Today I have found a solution!


Printing with vegetables


My inspiration for this idea came from my hate of food waste. After a weekend away, I came home to a sorry selection of veggies in the fridge. Rather than bin them, I found an alternative use!

I covered a table in paper – I wasn’t sure how this would go so I used up some scraps of paper we had. The vegetables were sliced in ways that I thought would make an interesting print – I particularly love the halved apple (slice it through the middle not from top to bottom). Make sure the cut edge is flat so that it is easy to print. Put some paint in a flat dish (Ikea plates are ideal) and print away.


Today, Boo loved having the freedom to just explore so we didn’t make any particular design. She enjoyed seeing the different shapes she could make with different vegetables. She practiced stamping them abscess dragging them to see the different effects. She made some brilliant swirls using the rough end of a carrot.

If your little ones are older, or have done this a few times, you could experiment with the shapes to make a pattern or a picture. Try googling ‘vegetable printing’ for some brilliant examples. Widgets


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