Winter Wonderland Sensory Play

In our house, we have been welcoming Christmas and everything festive. This meant that even our messy play has a wintery theme. Boo has lots of little Christmas toys from last year’s advent calendar so I had the idea of making a snow scene. Earlier in autumn we used fir cones in a sensory play and I used them again to make trees in this activity. We also had some well out of date nuts in the cupboard that I thought would make perfect reindeer food. Before we started I gathered together everything we would use, set up a cleaning up station (well 2 actually – 1 for the animals and 1 for Boo), got a large box (thanks Amazon Prime for your many deliveries!) and a few mixing bowls.


My plan today was to let Boo experiment with mixing and seeing what happens to cornflour when it is mixed with different liquids. We had three little science experiments set up:

  1. Moon sand (8 parts cornflour to 1 part oil)
  2. Foam dough (equal parts cornflour and shaving foam)
  3. Cornflour and water (Less water than cornflour)

I added the ingredients to the bowl and let Boo mix when she wanted and add it to her scene. We also had some flour and talcum powder to see what the different powders felt and smelt like. This was a mega scene! We played for a long time and have come back to it lots of times since. I have really enjoyed asking Boo questions as she mixes and seeing how she describes the different textures and consistencies. What does it feel like? Does it have any smell? Does it make your hands feel wet? What happens when you drop it? Does it make a sound? DO they make the same sound? If Boo was older I would use more open questions but as she is only 2, she still needs a lot of prompting and guidance. My questioning definitely kept her fascinated and exploring.


As usual, the water bowl was her favourite thing to explore. She enjoyed washing her animals and seeing the water change colour. She enjoyed adding water to the snow to see it change texture. It was definitely messy in the end – but well contained in our trusty Amazon Prime box!!


Have you made any snow yet this winter? Next up I want to try some of this to make snow:


The fun part …


Winter Wonderland Messy Play Set Up

Winter Wonderland Messy Play Set Up

Moon Sand – 8 parts cornflour to 1 part Oil
Foam Dough – equal parts cornflour and shaving foam



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