Decorating the Christmas Tree – #perfectornamentplacementdisorder

My name is The Muddled Mum and I have P.O.P.D.: Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder. This year’s marks my 5th year in recovery. I am learning to embrace chaotic placement more each year especially now that my daughter wants to join in.


A little background info: I very much like the Christmas tree to look stylish. Ornaments in a colour theme (red and gold or rose gold and white – you’ve seen the trees). Decorations carefully placed for beautiful contrasts and juxtapositions. Artistic style rather than classy but most definitely planned and thought out.


Then I met my husband. We met in December and after a few dates he invited me to his house to cook me dinner (Moroccan Chicken with apricot and almond couscous). It’s lucky he is such a great cook or I would have run away right then. M does not have P.O.P.D. He doesn’t like things to look classy. Or artistically stylish. He definitely does not adhere to a colour theme. M embraces the anything goes approach. Anything and any colour. That year, I decided that it was time to embrace change.


By the next Christmas, we were living together and I had just found out I was pregnant. We decided to talk about how we wanted Christmas to be and M explained his approach: he loved all the bright colours and the random decorations passed down or purchased each year. They remind him of lots of day different happy times and because there is no theme, no happy memory gets excluded. Suddenly my argument that it should just look pretty didn’t seem so important. Christmas has always been about family and creating happy memories for me and I realised that M was the same. So since then I have embraced his approach – anything, any colour, anywhere.


Of course, relationships are compromise. And as much as I am on board with our new family’s tradition, I needed a bit of me to be represented as well. So while anything goes on the tree (and each year we try to find the brightest new decoration to add), I get to decorate the rest of the house in a slightly more subdued manner. We are both happy and actually have both come to love each other’s approach to Christmas. But the thing I love most is our tree in all its Technicolor glory. It’s makes decorating the tree with Boo fun rather than stressful and it’s fun choosing a new decoration each year and knowing it will automatically fit in.



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