A month filled with all the good things

As you probably know, we have decided to take a break from TTC this month so that we can end 2017 on a high. It’s been a tough few months and we are wanting to refocus our energy on the things that bring us happiness. As such, I’ve decided to find something good in each day to post about. I’m not going to set myself any rules or expectations, I may post here or on my social media depending on how much I have to say.


So to start off (yes, I know it’s the 3rd but as I said there are no rules …) this morning I woke up happy.


Yesterday we visited Whitehall Garden Centre with my brother’s family. I love hanging out with them and Boo loves her cousins so much. The garden centre was quite a drive for us but well worth it. We usually go to East Farm but it is closing this year and so we needed a replacement (devastated – LOVE this place). Whitehall Garden Centre is FULL of all things Christmas. There were crazy decorations everywhere, lights, food, pressies, reindeer, Santa … it was Christmas on steroids. If you live nearby, you should go for a free Christmas Day out (although it won’t be free once you’ve filled your basket!).

The only thing I would say is that it was BUSY. Like, really busy. If you can go on a weekday, it will probably be more relaxing. Great nonetheless.

We then visited a little village called Lacock as we were in desperate need of food. We found a pub called the Red Lion and got a table by the fire. The whole village felt like it had been frozen in time. A proper English village and well worth the visit. Food was great too. It was such a lovely day.


I’m not religious but I love Christmas. To me, it’s all about family. I love the extra time you inevitably get together. I love deciding what to buy people to show them how much they mean to me. I love making crafts. I love cooking for others and seeing how much they  enjoy it. And I really love our family traditions.


So on to why I woke up happy. Today, Boo came into our bed and wanted a cuddle. Lovely. Then Daddy took her downstairs as it’s my day for a lie in. I can hear them listening to She and Him Christmas and singing and dancing. And in a moment I’m going to cut my lie in short so we can put up the tree.


I love my family. The three of us. My parents and siblings and their families. My in laws. MY extended family. I love then all dearly and feel so lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful bunch.


Time to get up and get decorating!!


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