Rainbow room 

When Boo was a baby, she had a lovely woodland nursery. I absolutely loved sourcing lovely little details for her room and was able to feed my fox obsession to my heart’s content!

Although the room would suit a toddler too, I wanted to update Boo’s room so that it felt a little more grown up once she transferred to a bed. However, painting and decorating was off the agenda because I we had other house reno projects going on. So I planned an update rather than an overhaul.


Planning The Room

First off, I chose what was staying: the colour (green and white walls); the curtains that my mum made; and her Peppa Pig bed. I wanted to get rid of her baby furniture because it was so bulky and if we do have another baby, we won’t have space for such massive furniture.

Once I knew what needed to stay, I started thinking about a theme. The first thing thay came to mind was pandas. Boo is obsessed with them. But I didn’t think the pandas went with the curtains my mum had lovingly made and I was not prepared to part with them. So a panda theme was out.

Next I thought about upping the Fox theme and making foxes more of a feature. But Boo isn’t that keen on foxes and I wanted the room to be about her. She loves Peppa but it already makes me cringe having a Peppa bed (I am such a snob) in my house and I couldn’t bring myself to turn the whole room into Peppa Pig World.

Instead of thinking of a thing to theme her room around, I turned my thoughts to colour. I love her green wall but have often felt there is too much white in there. Her room needs more colour. And that’s when I decided to theme it around Rainbow colours. I have been surrounding myself with rainbows in the hope that they will bring me our rainbow baby so it is only fitting that their future room have rainbows. Plus, this way I could incorporate lots of her favourite things!


After settling on a rainbow theme, I went through everything we had already and picked out some toys that would look good displayed in the room. I also created a Pinterest board because all good projects start with Pinterest.

First off, we needed furniture and decided to go with Ikea as our budget wasn’t huge. We decided on a wardrobe only and used spice racks for shelves (thank you Pinterest!). I also bought a Panda Trug from Amazon as we always need more storage and I couldn’t leave pandas out of the room entirely! The trug even got featured on TodayIPrimed’s insta feed!


Once the storage and furniture was sorted, I tuned my attention to accessories. As we had a colour theme, I decided to try and fit lots of Boo’s favourite things in with accessories. From pandas to ice cream, I had fun finding little bits to make the room all about Boo. Here’s what I got:

Panda Print – FORTY WINKS

Alphabet Print – Sarah Lovell Art

Pom Pom Tie Backs – Sausage and the Dog

Garden Bird Decals – Kayleigh Jayne Designs

Ice Cream Decals – The Woodland Haven

Ice Cream Plushie – Peach Panda Studio

Rainbow Cloud – Noah and Bear


So without further ado, here are my totally amature pics, failing to do the products or room justice but hopefully you get the gist!


[envira-gallery id=”1872″]


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