Tonight my daughter was a reflection of my strengths as a parent

I try not to cry in front of Boo. She’s so young but very perceptive and I want to shield her from some of the stresses and strains of adulthood. However, sometimes, you can’t help but be real. And tonight my tears revealed a reflection of my parenting.

Tonight I cried in front of my 2 year old daughter. Suddenly the weight of loss overwhelmed me and tears sprung forth like a dam giving way. I couldn’t hide the pain from my face. I couldn’t hold back my tears. The pain I’ve been avoiding caught up with me.


But as quickly as the tears started, my daughter’s response stopped the pain. I was overwhelmed by her love. In her words, I heard myself and suddenly felt proud of how I Mother her. She was a reflection of how I comfort her when she is in pain. She has learned from me how to be kind.


When I started to cry she came and sat close to me and asked what the matter was. She asked if I was OK and if I wanted a kiss and a cuddle. She stroked my face and said I was brave and I would be OK. When I whimpered again, her tactics changed to distraction and laughter and she declared she was going to give me a chocolate kiss – I then got a big smacker on the lips from her chocolate covered face. Then she honked my nose and grinned her biggest smile. She held my hand the snuggled down next to me quietly whispering that she loved me and she was my friend.


My tears were gone. I felt comforted. She was so very thoughtful and kind. She’s going to grow into one amazing woman.



  1. It’s hard to avoid crying in front of our kids sometimes, but it also shows them that we have feelings too. Your daughter’s response was so mature for her age. You’ve got an amazing little girl.


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