TTC after loss: 11DPO

TTC after loss. I think I am losing my mind.

Today I was hunting for a new toothbrush head and stumbled upon a load of amazon cheapie tests! Oh happy day!! I’m now 11dpo so should get a positive now …

If I reaaaaaaaally squint it’s there!!! Woooooo!!!! I am pregnant!!

I was actually ecstatic to get proof. I have been so scared that this baby would say goodbye before I had proof he was even there. I just wrote he …. hello subconscious.

Then I went out for the day. Knackered. Felt sick. Didn’t actually throw up. Grumpy. Forgetful.

Returned home. Looked at test again. No line. WTF. Am I actually going crazy. I tested again. No line. Wait, is there a line? It#s faint. M can’t see it.


This is driving me absolutely bonkers. I’ve been a foul mood all evening. I just need this baby to hold on tight. Stay little one, you’ve made my world brighter and I want the chance to love you.



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