TTC after loss: 9DPO

TTC after loss: time to ramp up the crazy.

Finally I have been hit by the urge to POAS (pee on a stick). Ridiculously, I’m feeling proud of myself for making it this far without testing. Earlier I suddenly wanted to test but realised I’ve been so scared about trying again I haven’t bought any sticks to pee on. I only had some left over ovulation strips so of course I tested with one of those. I have no idea what I was hoping to achieve but it sated the desire to test for a while. The OPK wasn’t positive. They can show pregnancy but only once you are further along.

Today I told more people I am pregnant. What is wrong with me?! Why Can’t I just keep it to myself?!?! I haven’t even tested and I’m telling people I’m pregnant. Well, I’ve only told a couple of people and it’s when I’ve seen them and not wanted to lie about why I am running to the loo to be sick.

Sick 3 times today. Tired AF. Boobs hurt.

M said that I am much more nauseous than the last 2 pregnancies. It’s true – I feel sick all day and just want to lie down with my eyes shut to try and escape it. I’m also really itchy which worries me so I’ve been taking urso (ICP Medication) for the last few days. Will speak to my liver consultant on Monday and let him know. Hopefully he’ll approve of my self medicated dose.

Threw up in Sainsbury’s. Bought 4 tests. That should last me a day or 2. Must get on Amazon to order more as I’m bound to want to pee on them throughout the day for the next few days.



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