TTC after loss: Still 7DPO 

TTC after loss: Still 7DPO

The bar staff at #Pizzup were amazing at making me fake prosecco. Soda water and a dash of apple juice looks just the part if you want to hide the fact you aren’t drinking. No one would have known a thing if:

1) I hadn’t told them (I told 4 people because that’s what I do).

2) I hadn’t thrown up so much. 2 toilets makes it pretty obvious when you are spewing.

I am so so happy I went. It was great to have something to think about that wasn’t – please don’t miscarry! By the way, I’ve now moved on from the whole pregnant/not pregnant thing as the puking is well under way.

It was all going quite well, apart from the heat making me puke, until a sudden tug caught my attention. Ouch. Cramps. Yooowwwwww make it stop. Suddenly I felt dizzy and very tired and desperate to be home.

I said rushed goodbyes and was gone in a flash. 2 short train rides later and I’m tucked up in bed. Cramping has eased. Feel super sick.

Pregnant for sure. Going to carry to term: doubtful.




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