TTC after loss: 6DPO

I’m almost a week in to this TWW and feeling like I’m questioning everything. Today I have had a pain across what i imagine is the top of my uterus. Of course, it could be my guts. Or bladder? But in my head, it’s my uterus. It hurts. And so I’ve been playing pregnant/not pregnant ping pong again.

Ooooh that’s implantation pain!
My uterus must be all scarred up and the pain is it rejecting the egg.
I’m cold today, the pain is definitely implantation because I also have a temp dip.

Ouch! I haven’t felt a pain like that in any pregnancy. My womb is broken.
Only another week to go until I test. Not that I’m sure why I’m hanging hopes on that making me feel better. Then it will be miscarriage roulette. Was that a stretchy cramp or is the baby dying?!

Still clearly having a gratitude fail today.



TTC after loss is very stressful. This journal documents my latest TWW which lead to a BFP but sadly ended in early miscarriage. This details signs and symptoms of pregnancy and miscarriage and chemical pregnancy.


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