My fave Mama Merch

My obsession with Mama Merch was ignited shortly after having Boo when I saw a Selfish Mother ad on Facebook for their famous ‘Mother’ T-Shirt. I coveted that t-shirt from the moment I laid eyes on it! Not only could I state my admission to the tribe I had wanted to join for so long, but also support a small business (not so small now though!) and some amazing charities. And with each new Mama Merch supplier I’ve stumbled upon, I have found the same usually applies. The women behind these brands have powerful stories, passion and create beautiful items. When I feel low, my Strong Girls Club jumper gives me the strength to hold my head high. My pin badges remind me of the amazing network of women across the UK who hustle away, making money to raise their families. There is something beautiful about wearing an item that you know is helping a mum live her dream. And that the person who designed the item, is on your wave length.


So without further ado, here are some of my current fave items of clothing:
(Click on the heading to go to their website …)

Selfish Mother

My coral Mama jumper has been a great comfort to me through my recent miscarriages. It is super soft and cosy which is perfect for when you need to snuggle and feel cosy. Somehow, wearing my Mama jumper helped ease the pain of miscarrying. I was acknowledging that they were my child, and I was their Mama. Funds from their merch goes to some great charities. The FMLY store in Bruton (their shop) is well worth the trip… Go on a Friday and get free fizz! They’ve just hosted a month of business talks with some other amazing small business owners. Molly Gunn, who started it all with her Selfish Mother blog is just lovely and an inspiration. Honestly, I cannot speak highly enough of these guys and the growing collection of t-shirts, jumpers, mugs and tote bags filling my home goes to show how much I love them.


If you don’t follow Gemma on instagram, please click here and press follow just for her amazing stories! Mutha.Hood celebrates empowering motherhood with their most famous slogan ‘Strong Girls Club’ – although they have a whole range of amazing and empowering slogan tees and jumpers. My Strong Girls Club jumper is the first thing I reach for on the days I need an extra bit of strength and courage. It’s my armour. I feel like I have the backing and support of 30,000 women when I wear it. They are my tribe. I am not alone.

Surviving Society

This new brand has been in the pipeline for a while and I was so excited about its launch. Katie doesn’t aim just at Mamas – her brand is all about being a survivor – whether its sepsis (in Katie’s case), PND, cancer, redundancy or your own personal battle. As soon as she launched her line, I knew that I needed a fierce femme tee. Prior to becoming a mum, I was pretty fierce. Feisty. But the challenges I’ve faced, have dented my confidence. Wearing this tee reminds me of who I am. I wear it when I need to remember that I am good enough, I am strong and I am brave. You can also twin with your little one in a fierce mini tee! Amazing! To top it off, the products are climate neutral and care has gone in to sourcing Earth friendly supplies. This lady will go far.


I don’t actually own anything from here yet but I am planning on putting it on my Christmas list. W.I.N. – Women in Need supports survivors of domestic  violence who currently need support to get back on their feet. With more and more cuts to our services, not-for-profit charities like these help fill the gap. It’s a cause very close to my heart.

Scamp & Dude

I love a bit of animal print! I also love twinning with Boo. This brand ticks all the boxes! Again, I still haven’t managed to lay my hands on one of these jumpers yet but they are top of my Christmas list! Mummy Jo set up the business after a brain hemmorage left her hospitalised and away from her children for an extended period of time. The brand aims to make children feel more secure when they are away from their loved ones.

One of the reasons I haven’t hit ‘buy’ is I just can’t decide between these 2 colours!

Do you have a small business you think I should check out?  Put the link in the comments and I promise to have a look. I’ll be posting my favourite accessories and children’s clothes soon.




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