Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend Lorna Hayward’s Pizzup event at Ben’s Canteen in London. Lorna, the mother of Pizzup, is an abolsute legend. If you have read any of Lorna’s blog, the Mumblings, you will know that she has also had to fight her own anxiety battle. She started these events for mothers to get together and have fun. Because without fun, it’s easy for the burdens we carry to overwhelm us.

Pizzup is full of mothers who will welcome you with open arms, listen to your story and share their own (because alcohol usually leads to openness!), and make you feel like we really are in this together. On top of that, you get free prosecco and all the tunes! Thanks to these events, I’ve had the chance to find myself again. I felt so lost in motherhood that having a place to just be Kate was actually life changing. I bang on a lot about self care being key to my mental health recovery, and Pizzup is definitely part of my self care. Self care doesn’t have to mean space masks and a good book (although those definitely count too!). Finding a way to give yourself time to be you, is so important in mental health recovery. Finding a way to be me and not just a Mum, has helped me learn to love motherhood and I’m a better mum as a result.

So on to Pizzup #5. This time I decided to go up to London for the day to spend time with my Aunt. I love any excuse to spend time with family and loved ones. Again, an important form of self care. I also decided to stay at her house because the thought of taking the train back west was too much to bear thinking about. If you travel to the next Pizzup, book a hotel or find somewhere to stay. Give yourself the night off. We had a lovely day together – what a treat to spend the whole day having adult conversation without a toddler pulling at your leg.

Before long, it was time to head over to Earlsfield to get the party started. Or not. I had a little secret that I didn’t want to share just yet – I was pregnant. The amazing bar staff made me a ‘No-secco’ (I just came up with that name) which would fool anyone into believing you are drinking. Preggos who want to keep it on the down low – get yourself a soda with a dash of apple juice (or lime if they don’t have apple) in a prosecco glass. No one will know a thing.

These events are purposely kept small. Lorna knows everyone that has bought a ticket and will greet you with a massive hug. This evening was no different. Lorna looked glam as ever in silver boots and an amazing skirt. I opted for skinnies and converse (did I mention I was feeling sick …). The beauty of these nights out is you can come as dressed up as you fancy. Be you. Wear what makes you feel good.

Pizzup #5 was my second night out and it didn’t disappoint. Despite being on the no-secco and rushing to be sick multiple times, I was able to catch up with some mums I met last time and a couple I was excited to meet for the first time. The chicken burger was out of this world and comes with the ticket price. Winner!

Unfortunately for me, being pregnant means I get really sick. After the fourth trip to the bathroom I hugged my friends old and new, picked up my goody bag and headed home. Did it matter I was sober? Not a bit – chatting to like minded mums is great with or without wine. Was I sad to leave early? Definitely – I missed the human pyramid in the middle of the dance floor! And the amazing tunes mixed by Mr Pizzup! But I’m so glad I went. Doing things for me has been a game changer – it has helped bring me back from the edge of darkness into the sparkly disco light.
Tickets for Chrizzup are already sold out but I’m sure there will be more events in the new year. Or if London is too far, I strongly recommend looking for a mummy meet up near you. Find yourself again. I’m more than just a mum.


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