My George

It’s baby loss awareness week. This is a topic very close to my heart. I’ve written tons of blog posts this week about anything and everything just to get through the week. 

Before reading on, I need to tell you that I am going to post photos of George. I finally feel like it’s the right time. I just dread a post where someone said that miscarriage wasn’t the same as baby loss. I need other people to know that a miscarriage is most definitely a loss. If you are going through this, it hurts so badly and that’s normal because you lost your baby. Don’t feel like you aren’t part of this week because others have had it worse than you. Loss is loss. It is heartbreaking.

Baby loss is devastating. I have been devastated by each and every miscarriage I’ve had. But losing George had a profound affect on me. Because I got to meet him. Somehow it revealed the magnitude of what I had lost. Seeing his tiny body was both a comfort and heartbreaking. 

I miss him. I miss them all. I love them all. 

Here is my precious George. He was born at 8 weeks gestation but stopped developing a little earlier than that. He, just like all of my other lost pregnancies, was a baby. And he is gone.


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