Laughing in the face of adversity


Today’s  #FunFriday post is inspired by the hot cross mum on Instagram. She shared a card that she had been sent when she was having a tough time. It didn’t have the traditional “thinking of you” emblazoned across the front. Instead it laughed at the situation. And sometimes that’s just what you need. She has a great way of raising awareness about PND while also raising lots of laughs. If you aren’t already following her, you need to go and remedy that situation right now.

I had been on the look out for similar cards so when I saw CardyGoons‘ cards I knew I had to have them. Dan from the site very kindly offered to send me a couple so I had a great time laughing at all the brutally honest humour. There were loads of cards I wanted to get but, my mum reads this blog and my swearing is enough for her … so I’ve chosen some of the more tame cards to show you here. If you need cheering up though, head over to the site. You won’t be disappointed. Recently I wrote about how to support a friend through miscarriage; I think the following card would have really made me smile in the midst of all the darkness!

Just looking at that stupid TRex makes me laugh. It’s the perfect brand of humour to bring you out of your cloak of misery. I think we can worry that people just want wrapping up in cotton wool and we don’t want to offend people in their time of need. But we shouldn’t do that at the expense of humour and laughter. There’s a good reason people often say that laughter is the best medicine. If I couldn’t laugh at my situation, I would be in despair.

So here’s to laughing, even when everything feels like it falling apart around you and your best friend is called chocolate.

Oh, I also got this card. I can’t use it yet, but hopefully one day I will be able to give it to M. One day we will look back on this time and laugh …

Dan at CardyGoons has very kindly offered new customers a 10% discount using the code NEWBIE. Click here to browse the whole hilarious range.


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