Eating my feelings

I cannot stop eating. I feel like a weeble. I must have 5 chins by now.
The new medication I am taking makes me sweat constantly and feel dizzy and lightheaded. This makes walking up the stairs feel like a workout. So I’ve skipped going to the gym. You know, because I have to walk up my stairs instead. 
While I was pregnant I had really bad sickness. The only thing I could keep down was McDonald’s. I put on a stone when I was pregnant with George despite being sick upwards of 10 times a day. I am still carrying that weight around with me. We lost George 4 months ago now. I can’t shake the weight. 
I’ve been dealing with some really stressful situations lately. And when I can’t cope with life, I eat chocolate. Lots of chocolate. 
I’ve been going to the gym a bit and swimming. I’ve been trying to eat healthier. But then I think about the babies we’ve lost; the times we have been having; what we’ve been going through; what we are facing … and I eat. 
So do you know what I’ve done to properly remedy this situation? 

I’ve bought a new wardrobe. 

I’ve looked in the mirror and smiled.

I’ve told myself I am worthy of love.

I’ve accepted that life is really tough right now so I need to focus on my happiness and my family’s happiness. 
This too shall pass. 

Now pass me the donuts.


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