Today was a bad day. And that’s OK.

I’ve been taking new medication for a couple of days and today I woke up feeling BAD. Physically and mentally, today was a struggle. I am dizzy and fuzzy. My head is spinning and it’s an effort to do anything. And my emotions and thoughts are up and down. I just can’t focus. 

Then someone reminded me – new medication for mental health conditions takes 4-6 weeks just to start working and it makes you feel worse before you feel better.

So it’s ok that I feel bad today. Because that means the medicine is starting to do something and if I just keep on keeping on, one day soon I will start to feel better. 

The last few months have been HARD. But all along I have fought to take care of my physical and mental wellbeing and I’m proud of myself. I’ve asked for help. I’ve kept on talking. I’ve made scary decisions that I know are best for me and my family. 

So today is a bad day but that is OK.



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