A letter to my daughter 

To my darling little flower,

Today I feel quite tearful. In a good way. Because you, my darling, make me so very proud.

Yesterday morning, while we finished packing and sorting you pottered around eating ‘doghurt’ and pretending to be a froggy. Ribbit! Ribbit! Mummy tried rolling up your ready bed (life saver by the way!) and my back twinged. I turned. It went. You sat with me on the bed and let Daddy finish packing. You did jump on me a bit but I didn’t mind (ouch!) because you were so happy. 

Full of smiles playing with Daddy’s hat

As we walked to the hotel reception, laden down with bags, you helpfully got in your pushchair without a fuss. Something that never normally happens! A horrible 5 minute walk became an easy stroll. 

While we sat waiting for an hour, you pretended to read the leaflets on the table and didn’t fuss once. The taxi to the airport was late, but you kept us all calm with your happy chatting.

When the nasty men stole our passports, you gave mummy and hug and asked if I was OK. They stole the smallest bag we had but it held the most value – passports, camera, sunglasses, speaker, kindle … Daddy’s nature magazine. But we knew it didn’t matter because we have the most valuable possession right in front of us. You. You are priceless. 

When the waiting went on and on, you found new games to play. You waited while we phoned the consulate. You waited while we rearranged our airport transfer. You waited while the hotel phoned the police. On and on and on. You kept yourself busy. You were happy.

When we got to the police station, you danced up and down, making Mummy and Daddy smile. You waited patiently while we filled out forms. You let Mummy go and speak to more police on the phone without a fuss. Then it started to rain outside so you wanted to go out and dance. Perfect! Smile through the rain. Damn right, little one.

In the next taxi, to the next police station, you fell asleep in my arms. I knew you needed a proper nap but 20 minutes later you woke and didn’t grumble. I knew it was lunch time but we were on such a tight schedule we couldn’t stop. You made do with water and raisins. We had to wait ages for the police to arrive with our bag. They found it! Hurray! But after waiting more than an hour they showed us the empty bag. Well, the camera was still inside but our passports weren’t. This made our timeline even more tight … so we ran outside in the heat to find a taxi. You let Daddy carry you even though you wanted Mummy. You could see Mummy was really rather poorly and let Daddy carry you without a fuss. 

At the consulate, you were excited by the lift! You smiled and said ‘hello’ to everyone we met. You waited while we filled in forms and went from seat to seat. You toddled around sitting on seats and drinking water. You were so hungry but made do with sweets (the snack pack was seriously depleted). When Mummy had a serious incident in the Passport office’s very small toilet that is not sound proofed – you pointed the finger at Daddy! Daddy Poo Poo (what a day to have D and V). Cheers buddy – got your Mummy’s back. I’m sorry I blamed the lingering smell on you. 

After we tried to finally get lunch, but had to abandon it because we had to wait 30 minutes just to get menus (have I mentioned we had no time), you didn’t cry. You let Daddy carry you to the supermarket where we got you some food. You happily munched a sandwich on a bench. In the sweltering heat. You made apple slices into smiles and were just happy to have food. 

Despite usually hating multiple car journeys, when we flagged down yet another taxi you just held my hand and smiled. You sat on my lap and chatted about the things you could see. You were such a good girl getting out of the car with Daddy so Mummy could pay yet more money and lug our bags out. 

Back at the police station, you smiled at the people we met earlier. We had to come back because there wasn’t time to file the report before the consulate closed. Mummy and Daddy were bummed out that our plane was now in the air and Ryanair were as helpful as a chocolate teapot. But your smile reminded us to be grateful that we managed to find 3 seats on a flight today. We knew that we would be going home which was very lucky because all the flights were sold out. And we knew we would get our camera with our photos of you. Daddy had to go inside a room so we couldn’t see him for an hour but you just played. First you danced. Then you practised jumping. Then you ate some crisps. Then we made glasses with our hands and went looking for Daddy. You didn’t fuss. You didn’t cry. You didn’t beg for ice cream, or the park, or a swim. You just accepted our situation and got on with it. When Daddy came back, you squealed with delight. We felt the same. Our joy matched yours. Finally, all was sorted, now we just needed to restart our journey home. It was 5pm. You were tired. But you didn’t flag. You kept going and kept us going. 

You slept in my arms as we drove in another taxi back to the hotel (have I mentioned that we spent a lot of money!) to collect our bags. You slept in my arms while we waited for our taxi to the airport. You slept in my arms as we drove to the airport. You recharged your batteries ready for the next phase of our journey. When we arrived at the airport, you woke up and smiled. You were ready. You gave us the energy to keep going. 

By some twist of fate, when we were in a rush to book new flights, we had added speedy boarding. This meant you could be pulled along on your Trunki all the way to the front of the queue. I was so glad we could do that for you. I didn’t want you to have to wait in that never ending snake of people. We just dropped our bags off and our hand luggage too (thank you, EasyJet!) and we were good to go. You were hungry again but we had to get through security. You made do with cuddles from Mummy. Mummy had a horrible temperature but I was so happy to give you a cuddle. I was so so proud of you. We had been on the go since 9am. It was now 7pm. And you just kept on going. Mummy knew we still had a long wait but you made it all ok. You were so excited about the airport and kept mouthing ‘wow!’. You are so adorable. I love how impressed you are by the world around you. Don’t ever change. 

Your presents. A hencorn and a urrrr PLANE

After we had our dinner sat on the floor, Mummy felt very very poorly. Daddy took you for a walk while I slept like a hobo, sprawled out by a shop. You came back and showed me the present Daddy bought you. You got a hencorn (unicorn) and a plane. You were so excited! Darling, it’s the least we could do after the star you had been. 

Just the text message every husband wants to receive … 😂

We had to wait in yet another queue (how many hours did we spend waiting all day?) but you held my hand and pointed at the planes outside. Finally we were through and managed to find some seats! But Mummy couldn’t cope with being upright so you cuddled up with me on the floor. You thought it was funny. I did too. How silly today had been! What a silly day! We saw busses outside and you sang the wheels on the bus with the best actions! You were so full of beans. It was 9pm and you were a happy little camper. 

When we were waiting to board the plane, you were so so so excited! You were jumping up and down! Mummy and Daddy were excited too but for different reasons. Like a superstar, you loved the takeoff then slept until we landed. You legend. Could you have made today any easier for us? You are the best toddler ever. 

Face full of sweets ready to go fast and FLY!!!

At the airport after we landed, you finally reached the end of your tether. I don’t blame you. It was midnight. You were being changed into your pjs. You wanted to see Grumps. You had the smallest cry but cuddled into mummy and then settled down. When you saw Grumps, you had a massive cuddle. You were so happy to see him. We all were. You loved being in your car seat (when does that happen?). You loved that Grumps was driving and chatted away. Then, without a fuss, you went off to sleep. And before we knew it we were home. I put you into bed and you snuggled down and slept. 

Boo, you really are a star. Yesterday was hilariously bad. If having your passports stolen on the way to the airport isn’t bad enough, I put my back out, had d and v, developed a temperature and also had to keep a toddler happy. Oh and it all cost about £1000. But you made it easy. None of us argued all day. None of us complained. In fact, we smiled and laughed. You were a shining example to Daddy and me. You made a rubbish day good. 

Thank you, you wonderful, wonderful girl. I could not be more proud of you. And if you ever shart in an awkward situation, feel free to blame it on me. I owe you one



  1. Kate I would have had to hit the duty free after that! You did well coping with the stress but I suppose you had the delightful D&V to distract you. What luck! And what a superstar your little boo is xxx (loving your writing by the way)


    • Yeah I could barely stomach water so I don’t think booze would have been a good idea. In a couple of days time, when my stomach has recovered, I am having a very well deserved drink. A very large, well deserved drink. Or seven. But as awful as it was, I am just grateful it didn’t happen today. Can’t bare the thought of having Boo near that violence (we were in Barcelona)


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