Tapping out (napping out?)

When I met my husband, I knew that very evening that he was special. He made me laugh and he challenged me intellectually. He could talk about politics and life and swore totally inappropriately for a first date. 
I was totally right. Being his wife, makes me the luckiest woman on the planet. Fact. 
If you are a mum, you will understand tiredness. If you are a teacher, you will know end of year fatigue. If you deal with anxiety, you know the through to your bones exhaustion. Right now, I’m suffering from all three. Oh, and we threw a party yesterday. I’m done. It’s game over. I have nothing left to give. 
But here is where my awesome and supportive husband comes in … today I had 2 naps. Both lasting 2 hours. During that time he entertained our daughter, tidied, did laundry and generally took care of things. Then he took me out to dinner. I know right?! Love him. 
I am really wanting to feel guilty. The anxious side of me is saying that I should be able to cope. I should be able to keep going. My daughter deserves better. My husband deserves better. He’s tired too, why should he always have to catch the ball? These feelings and thoughts are lingering in the background. But Today I chose to refuse to listen to them. I don’t need to be sorry. I’m thankful. You see, we are a team. I shouldn’t feel guilty that I need to tap out sometimes. I’m so grateful that my husband understands that I struggle with anxiety and it makes me tired. I am so thankful that he loves playing with our girl and is able to do housework at the same time. I’m so lucky to have a partner who chose me as a wife and chose to become a parent with me. 
Makes me pretty proud of myself that I am making choices that make me feel emotionally well. 



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