Pregnancy sleep: because we all need to learn how to be sleep deprived. 

When I was pregnant with Boo, I suffered many sleep interruptions: crazy dreams; constant peeing tiny tiny amounts, heart BURN; itching caused by ICP (if you are pregnant and itching click this link); aches and pains; and just general discomfort. Sleep when you are pregnant SUCKS. You will meet some HILARIOUS people who tell you it is good preparation for motherhood. Let me tell you, it is shit preparation for motherhood. Who prepares for a night-shift by staying awake all day and night? No one. Who prepares for a marathon by getting little rest? No one. Who prepares for their wedding day by intentionally staying up all night? No one. If you are about to do something that you know will exhaust you in some way, whether physically or mentally, you prepare by sleeping and resting.


So I made it my mission to remedy the situation because if I was going to be in any state to parent, I was going to need sleep. In my first pregnancy, I was really concerned about money. We weren’t having money problems, but being faced with a massive shopping list and the knowledge that your pay is about to dramatically reduce causes a fair amount of financial anxiety. I read review after review for pregnancy pillows in the hopes that one of the really cheap ones would suddenly look like a sound investment. They didn’t. I heard great things about the Snoogle which was recommended time and time again by my favourite pregnancy forum (Baby Bumps – Reddit). However, this site is largely followed by Americans so the cost of the Snoogle in the UK was just too much for me. I still think it looks awesome though and I have heard so many good things about it.


Instead, I opted for the DreamGenii. It has one long side that can go between your legs and stop your pelvis feeling like it’s about to crack open. The other side has a small back support. The two sides are attached by a flat piece of material that goes underneath you. Now, at the end of pregnancy when you reach beached whaled status and can’t toss and turn even if you want to, it’s good at offering comfort and support. The cover was a bit fiddly to change (again, I don’t think a walrus is meant to complete dexterous tasks) but the husband was quite happy to do it in favour of me flapping and flailing around.

Toddler for comparison

However, this time round, it wasn’t quite right. I’m currently really early in the first trimester. I need a pillow because my legs are really restless. I need to be able to toss and turn without a big fuss re-positioning the pillow. This time around I don’t have quite the financial onslaught so I was less hesitant to get shopping; we already have most things we need from Boo (sorry baby, you’ll be in hand-me-downs). So, like any sane mother, I opened the Amazon app on my phone and looked for pillows I could Prime. Because I needed to sleep. Yesterday. My requirements: flexibility and ease of positioning; leg support; less than £50. And I found the perfect answer. I seriously cannot live without this pillow. Seriously, it is massive (see above photo). M hates it; he barely gets any room at all now (I’m just preparing him for fatherhood /s). Boo hates it. It’s like a giant mountain for her to climb over and takes up valuable toddler space. But, I LOVE IT. It offers head and neck support, leg and back support and best of all … it easily folds and turns into a pillow-armchair for Netflix marathons. Thank you Lancashire Textiles for saving my sleep (but possibly not my marriage).


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